For 20+ years, Resource Technology Management (RTM) has provided ground breaking solutions for several nationwide industries including the hotel and judicial industry and developed software applications for a variety of businesses. RTM’s forward thinking approach has saved our clients millions of dollars and managed hundreds of technology projects. The core of our business philosophy is “adding value” to the operations of our clients. The RTM team meets the challenges of our fast paced world with hosted Internet solutions that streamline operations by elimination of paper processes with instant access to your secured data. Creating applications to solve complex problems is why clients team with RTM.

eNotifi brings the Bail Industry into the 21st Century!

RTM’s eNotifi was created exclusively for the Bail Bond industry. For too long, the Bail Bond industry has been required to work with a burdensome paper trail, cranked by hand, stored in files with tedious search requirements. But NO MORE! By utilizing eNotifi, the Bail Bond notification process is created in digital form, shared instantly with all interested parties and features searchable requests hosted on secured servers. Standard notifications are sent 1 week before and 1 day before the court date. Additional notifications can easily be added with a click of the mouse. Not only is the defendant notified, their family, girlfriend / boyfriend, attorney, can be added as well as custom alerts. For those defendants on a payment plan, eNotifi can schedules those timely, all important reminders.